Name   Position Contact
Paige Thacker Unit Coordinator
Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources
(703) 792-4671
Marie Welling Unit Administrative Assistant (703) 792-4371
Ivette Casal Housing Counselor (703) 792-4633
MaryBeth Lerch 4-H Youth Educator (703) 792-4536
Vacant Personal Finance Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences (703) 792-5891
Nancy Berlin Natural Resources Specialist, Master Gardener Coor (703) 792-7913
Thomas Bolles Environmental Educator (703) 792-4037
Rozlyn Giddens Parent Education Volunteer Coordinator, Family and Consumer Sciences
Family and Consumer Sciences
(703) 792-4678
Vacant Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development
4-H Youth Development
(703) 792-4762

Anita Eggleton SNAP Adult Program Assistant (703) 792-4722
Alyxe Perry
4-H Youth Educator (703) 792-4780
Marjorie Leon HUD Housing Counselor (703) 792-4713
Besty Lindberg Parent Education Instructor (703) 792-4569
Victoria Neeley Financial Education Program Manager, Family and Consumer Sciences
Family and Consumer Sciences
(703) 792-4799
Carmen Perez Parent Education Instructor (703) 792-4763
Vanessa Hogue Administrative Support  Assistant II, Financial Education and Housing Counseling (703) 792-6287
Ellen Miles Administrative Support Assistant III (703) 792-4763
Samira Rosensteel SNAP Ed Youth Program Assistant (703) 792-7217
Julie Stiles Parenting Support (703) 792-6288
Julie Tilton Parent Education Instructor (703) 792-6683
Martha Giachetti Administrative Support Assistant II, Environment and Natural Resources (703)792-6285
Patricia Contrades Personal Finance Educator, Volunteer Coordinator (703)792-4765
Ashleigh Wright 4-H Youth Educator (703)792-4761

Agents that serve Prince William County but are housed in another county/city

Peter Callan
(Housed in Culpeper County)
Extension Agent (Housed in Culpeper Co.), Agriculture and Natural Resources
Farm Business Management
(540) 727-3435 ext. 342
Adam Downing
(Housed in Madison County)
Extension Agent, Forestry (housed in Madison Co.), Agriculture and Natural Resources (540) 948-6881